i'm pretty sure i'm about to cut my own fringe. pray for me! the beach party's tonight and i can not wait, hopefully it will be awesome. the rest of the weekend shall be spontaneous because i have no idea what we're doing. plans for weekend anyone? btw lol i love this picture LOL. lol. LOL. bahah, lol. lolling. LOLlies. LOLLERSKATES lol. okay i should go cut my fringe.


  1. hehe. I'm just at my parents house for the weekend, catching up with friends from around this area, then going home Sunday night to see more friends :) :) :) your weekend sounds like its going to be fun. goodluck with your fringe.

    Oh and btw I like the picture

  2. wowow i love the banner, its so cool i want to eat it :)

    haha lollerskates hahahahahaha :D

    my weekend consits of work, nothing, work party - shall be interesting....

    hope your fringe goes well!

    Pearl xo

  3. i have no idea what i'm doing for the weekend...probably going out maybe party a little bit:p

    yay take initiative,cut ur own fringe hahahha!

    and then just take a photo for all of us to see ur new look:)


  4. Good luck with your fringe!! I'm dying my hair atm, a loooovely red that I love<33

  5. i wish i was doing something tht fun...
    haha the beach party of course not my face on some greass haha. hope u have fun hun. have a great weeknd.


  6. Good luck with the fringe! :)

    Also I just thought i should tell you I gave your blog a mention in this blog post of mine :) you can see this @ this link

  7. You have such a good blog its awesome! Hahah, that picture made me LOLocopter =D
    Thanks for the comment, i love hearing everyones opinions!

    panda xx

    *follows yoouuu*

  8. oh well good luck! cutting the frange by yourself it's very difficult..for someone(me XD ) but maybe you discover you're good so..try ;-)


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