OMFG So, this person saw my illustrations/artwork & they wanted me to design the logo and some clothes for their "exclusive" boutique in Auckland, New Zealand. Once their dad saw my stuff though, he offered to help me start up my own label by Autumn 2011. Holy sh*t. :)


I love feeling pretty.


I went to a bohemian themed farewell with Jacob tonight :) I went all out and even bought Jacob some baby genie-pants ;) It was pretty quiet, but maxed out on loveliness :) Kelsie's leaving Melbourne for Salt Lake City soon, and her pergola was draped in colored fabric, and we sat around a coffee table & henna'ed eachother while chatting & jamming on guitars + singing. It was so lovely.
Summer just doesnt wan't to stick around in Melbourne this year :(




1. Someone described me as a lioness the other day. Wuurd. 2. People keep trying to convince me NOT to study next year. 3. People touching baby Jacob's face while he's sleeping - actually makes me want to rip their faces off while they're sleeping. 4. I accidentally got boiling water down my front the other day. That hurt like a bitch. Hurt even more when I had to hold Jacob. FFS. But yeah it's okay now. 5. I have to post more often. I will. :)


I've realised how quickly things can change, lately. In less than a year I learned to hate the person I loved, love the people I hated - I learnt to breathe, I learnt to cry, I learnt to trust and I learnt to be free.
And now instead of being a girl getting sick of being pregnant - I am a woman and I am a mother. ♥




It's good to have a good friend who wont try & kiss you because he knows you have issues, and he doesnt give a f*ck, :)


you know my street by name, and the number on my door. ♥