I can't believe that:

i ditched my high school graduation to chill and eat tim-tams with my boyfriend. i wore his socks today and we talked about shit like in 5 years and in 10 years what we would be doing. it was cute something was said about we could be lying in the exact same position that we were but in a totally different place. we also talked about kids and behavioral issues (lol) and stuff like how our relationship is like, maturing. kinda like beer. also, we were mucking around cleaning dishes and i hit him hard with a wooden spoon on his knuckes, he cracked it, and we had a fight and cried and shit but as always when i left neither of us wanted me to. it's sad but i must say that diagnosis-wise: it's unfortunate but i am, indeed, in love. also i need a fucking job. ♥!!


  1. i also cant believe that.
    but you and your boyfriend are unbelievable so what could we expect?

    your stories about him&u keep getting cuter:p


  2. thats cause we're like supercalafreakingawesome. :)


  3. oh gosh wow suks...
    bt he'll come back,
    he always does huh?
    ur an awesome grl why wudnt he.. (:


  4. i'm so jealous, i wish i had someone to do that with.
    hopefully i will, soon (:

  5. OI do i feel your pain. No one will hire me to do anything haha it's so frustrating.

    & i'm not much of an artist but if you are you should totally make your own designs for mugs! I'd buy one :D

  6. :( I had someone to do that with .... once..

  7. seriously, you and your boyfriend are the cutest things ever :)

  8. nancy, you and your boyfriend seem made for each other. like the type of love you can't fake or make, it's the type thats naturally there? well thats what it seems :) hehe, cuteee!

    What a great way to spend graduation btw, wouldn't have it any otherr hahaha

    ps: im going to melbourne this weekend, might spot you! HAHAHA i joke <3 lovin ur blog.

  9. Yeah I'm just going because my dad wants to take the family up for a night or two. I can't wait to go to max brenner, we don't have one in adelaide (it suuucckkkkss!)

    Yeah I think we're mainly shopping/staying in the CBD area and I can't wait to go to DFO. woot! :)

  10. thats cute, don't let it scare you.
    I've tagged you here thought you'd like to know. :)

  11. So Sweet. Love the picture.



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