I know what love is.

as of today, tyron's going through stuff. :( i was terribly worried about him earlier.. it took me almost 3 hours to get him to calm down and eventually to sleep. i left and came back 1/2 an hour later, woke him up (at almost 1am), made him take his medicine and then put him back to sleep. he honestly believes things will be okay because of that i will be there in the end.. and i will. cause i know what love is.


  1. baby i hope everything gets better for him..<3
    and what he believes,its truly wonderful:)
    i believe it too...<3
    love conquers all...:)


  2. naw thanks baby youre such a darl ♥

  3. hun everything gets better. check my blog left something for you.

    love you babe


  4. I hope everything workks out!
    Love is amazing,
    oh and i work at a resturant/cafe/deli place thats three minutes down the road :) ive got my staff party tonight woot woot lol :D
    Pearl xo

  5. hey, thanks for following :)
    hope everything is ok between you and your boyfriend :)


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