now, i know its like cliche or whatever, but for a while i thought i wouldnt love again, i just didn't think i could. i didn't want to. i havent fallen in love just yet, but i guess i was just thinking about how easy it is for us to give up on love especially when someone you love hurts you, betrays you, or leaves you. i was thinking about how easily anyone can become bitter after they've loved & lost. i guess you can say i fell in the trap. it's hard to explain, but thinking about it now, it's like, just because i've been fucked up, and my heart strings arent attached to anything anymore, like, its not even "fuck that" or "fuck love" or "fuck relationships." it's like, fuck off, honestly! its not even "oh, well bad luck for him" or "i can do better," it's just like, you fucked up, so fuck off. i AM better. i know it wont be easy, but whoever the next guy i fall in love with is, i'm going to love him better. he might not be my first, or my last, or my only. he might have loved before, and he might love again. but if he loves me then, what else matters? he wont be perfect, and i'm not either. but if he can make me laugh and admit to being human, you can be damn sure i will hold onto him and give him the most i can. he might not think about me all the time, if he gives me a part of him that he knows i can break, good on him. i'll smile when he makes me happy, i'll tell him when he makes me mad, and damn straight, i miss him when he's gone. fuck yeah! like, shit! theres no way in hell i'm going to let a dickhead like tyron make me love any less. people like that should make you love others more. and i'm sure as hell i'll do everything i can to do just that. :)


  1. "but if he loves me then, what else matters? "
    god, this was amazing.
    all my love, ♥

  2. Aww I read every bit of this and I am just amazed at how well you describe the feelings during post-broken relationship. One of my close friends was with a dickhead called Tyron and he kept fucking her over so this reminds me alot of that lol. Thank goodness she left his sorry ass, and hopefully you can forget him for good xo

  3. You will find love again when you least expect it, whether you want to or not. Hope your doing well xo

  4. I loved this post, so much. I wish you all the best in finding your next love :) Mr. Right Now, here you come!

  5. stunning amazing post - i loved reading

  6. i love how u express ur self. babe. (:

    and ive been gud. everyone seems to be busy wish i had my own things to do but i dont for now..

    i feel the same way about love i want someone but well i cant really get over the fact tht i have to go through meeting someone and feeling comfortable. have a great day babe.


  7. You write beautifully.
    What else is loving someone?. You have described everything, babe.
    It's all about being happy.



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