i really want a job so i can have more clothes & shoes. especially shoes. :( today i had a bite of a quarter pounder and threw it up. and then i ate green beans. :) mmm, ♥ my day was pointless, no shit. :)


  1. i so love that picture, fully monochrome, perfect! yeah, i need money, i'm saving up for a chanel 2.55 and for a trip to paris, london & new york, after school :) uh, i don't know why people like mcdonald's, it's rather unappealing and doesn't take that great!

  2. gud luck on the job finding (:


  3. Good luck finding a job.
    I need one too.


  4. I always want more shoes. Always.

  5. I agree, I need a job so I can splurge all my crumbs out to shop! hehe everytime I go on a retail therapy session, it's never enough.

    LÉS Mm

  6. I am so jealous that you can look through your mum's wardrobe and find some neat stuff :(

    and goodluck finding that new job too x

    ps: check out gumtree

    they have alot of advertisements for jobs x

  7. i want a job that will provide me access to new Louboutins and chanel bags<3
    material girls:)

  8. Yep it’s nice knowing that you have money going in the bank from work but funnily enough it's a killer for saving. When you know you’ve got money, you spend so much more. Damn, i need to be restrained!


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