I'm attending a houseparty tonight. Massive speakers, dancefloor, pool. Can't wait. It will be cold but awesome, and we're all super excited. Ian and Tyron will both be there, but most importantly al my friends will be too :) Only bad thing is, I have noo idea what I'm going to wear :( Hope the rest of your weekend's will be crazycool & lovely. xxxx.


  1. isn't that the worst? nothing to wear. sometimes ( i am ashamed of this i swear ) but i'll have meltdowns and cancel my plans on account of "nothing" to wear. quite sickening...but it happens. haha hope you have fun!

  2. i totally know what you mean, i was actually thinking of not going tonight because i dont know what to wear, but its just like, ugh, gay. i want to go, but i dont know whatttt to wear and then i feel all ugly and yep. i now what you mean :)

  3. @ Danica
    ahaha i sometimes do that just for outings
    hope you have a fabulous party and find something to wear "D

  4. I'm also at a house party tonight. An ex is also going to be there. And I also do not know what to wear!

    I hope you have an amazing time :) You already probably will considering this house has a pool!? Whaaaat!..

    Love your blog always :)x

  5. your blog is quite lovely!! those are wonderful pictures! have fun :)

  6. thats when you go nude love.


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