so it's tuesday and i havent posted since before the weekend! the weekend was so super busy, but so super awesome & fun that i didnt care (:
on friday night, at the glowstick parties, ian came all the way from BENDIGO (it's far, k?) and when ian & i were talking and someone threw a glowstick and it landed near us, and he threw it back across the hall, and it almost hit tyron in the head, so, i told him if he hit tyron in the head (he didn't know who tyron was) i'd totally give him $5.00; so out of nowhere he takes all my glowstick bracelets and starts piffing them at tyron's head - it was freggin hillarous. so anyway friday night & saturday he kept pestering me trying to find out who tyron is, and saturday night i ended up telling him what happened between us and he now refers to tyron as a dick. his also conjured up an evil plan to make him jealous on as many occasions as possible, and he's actually making our break-up fun. well, for me anyway, LOL. oh and on sunday he drove down again & we talked. the party on saturday night was rockin' and sunday was amazing. oh! and i didnt get to bake a cake was too busy :( but i would of won if i did. i know it LOL. hope you're all fine and dandy, babies. love youse all. xxxx. ▲


  1. Aw :) haha, at least you're break up is getting easy! Sounds like you've had a great past week m'love! Have another great one on me. <3

  2. GREAT! :) oh, how beautiful is the universe! and how beautiful it is when it conspires to our favor :) !!


  3. haha sounds funny, glad you've found some enjoyment in all of it.


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