sorry for not posting! i've been soo busy its unbelievable. i'm actually mostly annoyed cause i havent been able to make those cards, but i will on friday because i have a day off ♥ :) i start class at 8:00am tomorrow and finish at 6:00pm! what a crappy-ass long day! oh i got a card from pearl, so special thanks to you darls! i'll post again friday with goss. :) much love babies. xx.


  1. we will be waiting for your next post babe<3
    and of course your postcard <3
    oh Nancy,where I live,its a stupid inland town of Greece and I cant find a decent postcard of it...
    could I send you like a letter or sth?

    email me your adress<3


  2. cnt wait for ur nxt post. (:


  3. oooh yay :)
    you are very much welcome, hope you liked it!
    i love that photo of the kitten soo cute <3
    Pearl xo

  4. i welcome you back with open arms into this time consuming digital vortex :)

  5. wow this blog is a full box of inspiration to me


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