#one: my legs/skirt on the day that tyron performed at that music festival thingy #two: tyron's legs/shoes on the day that tyron peformed at that music festival thingy skirt from sportsgirl AUD$34.99 shoes from kicks101 AUD$159.95. ♥
LOL I GOT HIT BY A CAR. make sure you guys check when reversing out of your driveways! especially if youre going really fast and a girl is running past with her dog on a leash! psht! LOL! i dont know why, but i'm really excited for st. valentine's day :) i went to the movies tonight with tyronnn, and he told me that he's taking me to mini-golf the day before st. valentine's day (saturday), because it's on a sunday and sunday is for church lol (: i think i'm also excited cause i'm making cardsss <3 i was supposed to make them today but i cleaned the house instead cause mum's stressing over some crap at work :( nothing else much happened today, but oh and also!! i had a dream i was getting married and right when i was about to be shown the dress, my friend called me and woke me up!! GRRR! hope you guys had a good saturday night and that this weekend's been fun fun fun :) i love you girlies, thank you for the amazing comments, i promise i'll write back on each one on your blogs like i always do, tomorrow. because my knee hurts and i'm going to bed. :) much love! xx. oh and also if you didnt notice i took'em them photos. :)


  1. My compliment for your blog and pictures included,I encourage you to photoblog


    Even week another photo album

    Greetings from Italy,


  2. happy v-day darling!!!! hope you and tyron do something magical!

  3. your photos are great babes<3
    how come you dont post more of yours?
    that would be awesome:)
    staying in for this saturday night,watching The Princess And The Frog,which I downloaded a few minutes ago.Lol.I'm such a 3 year old.:P
    But Disney Movies are like my drug<3

    we need to catch up Nancy babyyyy<3


  4. i actually love your blog, and you have the cutest photos :) xx

  5. those are the best photos i've seen all day - seriously! i just want to tear them out of the laptop srceen and eat them up :D Post some more,i dare you LOL. What camera do you use?
    Anywho, have a lovely valentines and check your post, there should be somethig from me soonish YAY :)
    Pearl xo

  6. hahahaa i love how you laughed at the fact that you got hit by a car. x

  7. I heart your blog <3 Following now :) Follow me back? x x x


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