soooo, i went to a party thing last night and tyron was there. we talked briefly and after seeing the chick who stole my camera and all my ex-friends, i kinda had a small melt-down outside, cus i realised when shit went bad i wouldnt have tyron.. but once a friend reminded me i still have my friends for when shiet goes bad, i went back inside and BEHOLD i talked to the hottesttt guy everrr ♥ he's polish and really RREEAALLYY HOTT! anyway laterr, i was outside looking for this chick & i seen this guy from here but that i started talking to in brisbane (hottie! ♥) and i didnt even get to say hi to him when his friend started talking to me and his friend is gorrrrgeous! :) har-har! but seriously, i cant get over how hot he isssss ♥ his name's ian and he's going to this party i was invited to but not going to because all my ex-friends are going to be there but whatevzzz, :) ended up being a good as night! got myself some digits!


  1. ur so beautiful hun (:
    and im glad tht ur feeling gud..
    send me ur adress want to tsend u a
    postcard (:
    happy early valentines day.


  2. aw baby,
    this is the break you needed.

    you look superrr cute,
    you remind me of ashley simpson?
    like the eyes + facial expression :) xx

  3. NEXT. haha glad to know your okay. can't wait to hear more about ian. <3

  4. very pretty :)
    glad everything is sorted, mostly anyway!
    ian sounds delicous :D
    Pearl xo

    seriosly tyron should spend more time with you than a bishop.I mean the bishop dude wants you 2 apart ,doesnt tyron get that??!!
    anyways,Im happy you're not all down about the breakup.
    I'm happier we have an Ian in this story hahaha<3
    cant wait to hear more about the hotness named Ian (which by the way is an effin good name reminds me of Ian Somerhalder yummy:)

    love you babe


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