a lot has happened since i posted last, :'(
my world is upside down. i didnt go to church on sunday, and tyron totally went behind my back and told the bishop (pastor) that we've had sex. he's making us break up. so we broke up. apart from being angry, sad and lonely and tired, dissappointed and fuming with rage.. i'm actually suprisingly okay-ish. it's like i'm really fucking depressed but i'm still really chill & excited about my new life as an interior design student & volunteering and using that as a distraction. but what sucks is that also, my psycho ex is texting/calling me again. and random guys keep calling me and saynig i'm cute and shiet when i really dont want to fucking hear it.
everything's a mess, but i'm just trying to focus on the new things in life i'm excited for right now: postcards! (I GOT YOURS TODAY JOANNA! ♥)enrolment tomorrow, clubbing wednesday night, orientation on friday, clubbing friday night. weekend, mm :) and then monday i start my course and i'm going to have that to obess over in an unhealthy manner to numb me from exboyfriend shiet! anyway i'm going to bed - gotta get up early and having my ID photo taken, eek! beautysleep! hope youre all amazing.
but between my nightmares, there you are.


  1. I enjoy being let in on your life so intimately.

    lady, i adore your posts and pics.

  2. nice pics and a very intriguing story of yours. i really like the way you open up to us readers in a very nicely-written way.

    wish you the best of luck :)
    p.s. interesting nickname and blog name-you're very creative!

  3. hun i hope ur ok and u get better. gud luck on the id picture (:


  4. its amazing how our problems seem so big to us at the time, and then we look back on them in years to come and everything seems so different..
    i hope you feel alot better soon honey. i'm here if you need someone to talk to.

  5. BABE <3
    first of all,ok you've had sex.you love tyron right?so why break up with him?!sometimes I just dont understand all that stuff about church.
    best of luck on your course and make sure you look amazing(as always!) on that ID:)
    love always

  6. tough situation. if you love him, keep him. if its making your life miserable, breaking up might end up being the best thing. ya know? i guess it depends. but i wish you the best of luck :) thanks for your comment!

  7. It sucks about Tyron, well done on getting into Interior Design, I'm going to do that after I finish my course. I know how you feel about the random guys allways bugging you, wow, makes me hate guys.

  8. Gahh wow, your in a toughy :O
    anyways your postcard shall be posted soon, i don't know why i haven't done it yet GOSH.
    Pearl xo

  9. Awhh man! :( that sucks. I seriously think that as long as you two love each other, I don't see why he made you break up :( Sorry to hear it though, maybe in time you and Tyron can work it out. And YAYYY! <3 So glad you got my postcard hun :) haha, I'm not sure if I sent you my address but I will in the next few days :) Hope you're alright and yay for interior design! I was thinking of doing something like that when I finish year 12. xxxx

  10. you know what darlin. that is terrible but.. bishops/pastors/priests.. specially your own personal ones usually know you and have you best interests at heart. my bishop would have encouraged that too if i was your age. but i mean if god intended it you guys will be together... put faith where faith is due and everything will work out.

    i would be a little ticked off at him for sharing such an intimate personal thing with anyone [even a bishop]

    hope your days get brighter.


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