so i told my parents i was going out dancing last night.. but i went to tyron's instead. i chilled with his mumma and with his hot brother mostly though, until we went to chill at his room and i told him not to let me fall asleep. he did. and i got home at almost 6am. my head hurts so much, i'm pretty sure i really need to see a doctor :( hope your weekends were all amazing babes. xx.


  1. Awhh, thats cute :) except for the feeling sick part, haha. Hope you feel better soon, <3 ohh and did you get my postcard!? xxxx

  2. hot brother? tell me more.... ;)

  3. my weekend was AH MAZING:)
    yes yes yes, we all know the hot bro,Nancy,you dont have to remind us:p
    We all remember that awesome photo you took.
    And you promised you would post one of tyrons as well, i still remember that:)
    gosh I have a good memory.
    good enough to remember that you must be such a good gf for not being tempted by his bro.;)
    *admires you*
    Cause I would be soooo effin tempted!!! hahaha:)

  4. just wanted to say i love your blog.


  5. beautiful pictures! love the rose one, its so romantic
    lovely blog :)


  6. I love your blog, i gave you an award :)

  7. spent saturday at the hospital my tummy hurted. sweet though how he let u sleep.



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