never once

this one time, tyron & i were supposed to go to this huge party we were both really looking forward to.. but the night before i got really sick and i couldnt go. instead of going without me, tyron sat with me on the couch and we played scrabble.
i used to think about this and smile, but now it just makes me cry. i cant talk to tyron and not cry. i cant look at tyron and not cry. i dont even want to kiss him anymore. i think its my way of like withdrawling and dealing with it, but i think eventually i'll be okay. :)


  1. That initial realization of withdrawing is the hardest part.

    don't know your exact situation but my motto in life is that
    "sometimes you have to be selfish."

  2. its hard time and it will be hard.
    you just gotta be strong.
    and dont forget that you love each other:)
    make sure he knows that before he leaves cause thats what will keep you in his heart:)


  3. I'm sorry your so sad-it always gets a better xo

  4. babe please feel better. it hard to hold everything in but its like if he's hurting you by just apearing. sometimes its better to talk everything through with him or take the hardset part and let him go. just be wise in your decision chose whats best for you and him if ur both hurting. love you


  5. Its how you will feel for a while. Every memory, every moment makes u sad instead of happy, because U miss it. It gets better :) xxx


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