i thought i was getting better. then, it was bed time. i keep dreaming that tyron's sleeping next to me. everytime i wake up i realise its not true and i start to cry and/or not being able to breathe :( its 3.39 and i've woken up like fourteen times. i have no idea what is wrong with me and why this is happening. i don't like sleeping anymore.


  1. aw, it'll be ok in the end, seriously, think about when he gets back? xo

  2. hope it all goes well, like the name of your blog!

    @ The GUILTY HYENA †

  3. aaw hun gosh i wish i kud be thr i really do go and sleep at a frnds house find a person tht will and can listen to u talk about tyron all day it will help.


  4. it's easy to get wrapped so much in your feelings that not other action feels possible (like sleeping)

    ..the way I cope is to make that switch in my mind.
    shove out a fake, cheezy smile. turn on a song that makes me dance, and remember how much i have in my life that other people don't.

    Hope you feel better sweetie.

  5. I know the feeling, I've had the exact same experience in waking up in bed and rolling over to see my ex and hes not there and that was a few months ago. I've learnt that it takes time. I believe it will get easier. Are you back together with him?

  6. no. we were supposed to hang out last night but we were both really tired. and today he's makng me chose between him and my friends, cause that party's tonight, and he wants to hang out.


  7. Ohh :( I did the same thing, remember your not alone and that he still loves you, things are just tough, you know he wants to marry you xo

  8. Love is all! So good luck with Your relationship buddy!
    ...but don't get stressed to much..there are many good guys around....

  9. ...and of course the TRUE LOVE is a really DELIRIOUS !!

    David Guetta ft.Tara McDonald 'Delirious'


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