I am coming to terms with the fact that loving someone requires a leap of faith and that a soft landing is never guaranteed.


  1. Aww nancy.
    I just read your last post but I can't comment. I thought i'd comment both posts here instead

    that sounds like such a hard thing to deal with and it of course, hurt alot. but he's doing it so he can marry you right? maybe time apart is just something you need for abit. its testing you guys out and i'm sure you'll pass with flying colors. xx stay hopeful

  2. And think of the trips you could make to go see him in all different parts of the world :) Remember, if it's meant to be, it will be xx

  3. read your last post.
    love conquers all thats what I know.
    spend the time you have left with him in the best way and please be patiend when hes gone.
    if its true love,it will last.
    and i think it is:)


  4. beautiful photos, the lighting is soo pretty :)

  5. Aww i want to cry :(
    You are in such a tough situation but you will get through it,
    Just follow your heart.
    Pearl xo

  6. even though i just recently had my heart broken, i know how much i'd sacrifice for that boy. you and tyron are like a modern day fairytale, and reading your posts makes me a tad jealous - you guys seem made for eachother. you'll figure out what's best for you soon enough, but i agree with fenia. spend your time with him and be patient :) xx

  7. yes hun its true. but if theres nothing to lose then theres nothing to worry about. ly



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