i feel really weird and i'm sleepy.. but i'm pretty sure i'm not happy. it sucks. i dunno, i guess it probably has something to do with the fact that tomorrow i shall proceed with updating my resume and emailling it to a tonne of people so that they can be 'impressed with my experience,' call me in for an interview and say that i'm awesome and then not employ me anyway, so that i can then feel really shitty about myself and cry for a week, then put it off for a few more. i'm pretty sure i've been applying for jobs i dont really want, cause i keep skipping interviews (lol) so i'm just going to apply for everything. oh but i'm kind of happy because tomorrow i've been with tyron for 10 months. but then that kind of depresses me because it reminds me that i need money. i want to buy him random shit like i used to when i had a job like a nice teeshirt or socks or a book, but i cant and it sucks. and i also want this D&G watch i've had my eyeballs on for like 3 years. and also, i need canvas so i can paint, i miss painting. i feel like being creative but i just feel like shit. nyeh. happy monday everybody! :D


  1. stay positive :) you will get a job :D xx

  2. goodluck on finding a job, im trying to find a different job soon tooo ahaha

    dont feel bad about not being able to get tyron gifts n shat.. you can surprise him with other favors :) HEHEHE. too innapropriate for blogspot? shit don't report me ♥ xx :)

  3. good luck with job-hunting. :)
    i'm sure you'll get a job, just make sure to turn up on your interviews! hehe ;P xxx

  4. babe<3
    I know you can have every job you want as long as you really want it.I mean you're creative,and smart and so awesome I would totally hire you:)
    try not to skip many interviews cause maybe the thing you've been lokking for is somewhere you didnt go to.;)
    I know you can make it =]

    believe in ya babe

  5. thanks for your commenttt, i'll try it(:
    dont give up on job hunting; you'll get one if you turn up to the interviews and just keep looking around :)

  6. good luck dear :)

  7. ...LOVE is all we need.. obrigado querida!

    Tanto que aprendi de amor na vida e
    agora descobri
    que não sei nada mais.
    Força eu fiz pra ter
    com esse rapaz
    só boa companhia,
    hoje eu gosto demais.
    Sabe que até falta ele me faz,
    sabe que eu tentei não compreender
    e dei pra relembrar as coisas más
    pra esquecer.
    Tanto que aprendi de amor,
    tanto e daí,
    na hora de fugir
    não me senti capaz.
    Quero o que me sobra dele em mim,
    a boa companhia,
    a vida que ele traz.
    Força eu fiz, mas já não faço mais,
    sei onde me leva essa ilusão,
    mas não amar também me tira a paz
    e a emoção.


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