just in case you want to know what's going on. oh and btw its complicated.
01. i belong to a church/religeon that more or less is centred around love and family. i love my church and shiet its rly awesome.
02. all of the following stuff, is like, not "official" but it just kind of happens to be that way even though its not like defined.
03. most good guys go on whats called a mission, come back and then try find a wife get married and live happily ever after.
04. this mission is put simply, going overseas for 2 years, experience lots of things, learn lots of things, and teach lots of things about the church.
05. girls can go too but generally don't. oh and they go for 1.5 years. i wish i could but i'd get too homesick and stuff.
06. its really hard to prepare for a mission. you need to know a lot of the book stuff like scriptures and what to teach and how to deal with different stuffs and that.
07. jumping subjects, tyron told his mum he wants to marry me. tyron told my mum he wants to marry me. tryon asked me, if he asked me to marry him what would i say. i said, i would say yes.
08. we love eachother, really. we know everything about eachother, we need eachother we spend all our spare time together. we go to parties together, we go to parties together. we eat dinner at eachothers houses. we chill at eachothers houses.
09. but, tyron's going on his mission at the end of this year.
10. when he's gone, all i can picture myself doing is curling up on his bed and crying.