help me, somebody!

happy ten months nancy & tyron! yay! LOL he came over this morning at like 6am to cuddle until 7am when he had to leave for work. nyaww. i am so happy (and delirious from not sleeping at all last night) that i may just bake a cake even though its going to be really hot today but tyron loves cake so what the heck. :) btw wow this is like my 3rd post in like 8 hours LOL anyways, i need help! because we have an 'alice in wonderland' themed dress up party to go to on friday and i dont know what to go as and what to get tyron to go as (queen of hearts and alice are already taken). i would go as tweedle-dee or tweedle-dum but i wouldnt wanna go like that WITH tyron cause that would just look wierd and we'd look like one of those indian couples that wear matching tracksuits (in my head). i guess i could go as anyone, but i just want a unique and awesome way to put it together. :) ideas? oh and also please remember i am poor. :) oh btw just out of curiosity, random question for anyone who comments this post, what countries are you guyses from? ta ta ta. oh, oh and also i totally promised you guys ages ago a picture of boyfriend so clicky here to see and here to see him in a suit. *prouddd* LOL alsoo, if i recall promised the recipe for the selfsaucing chocolate pudding i made for christmass, and i will post that with my next post :) sincere apologies for the delay fine ladies. hugs hugs and kisses ♥ xx.


  1. go as... a cat or a bunny, or something. ha that sounds slutty but wear like, shorts and a strap top and a tail + cat/rabbit ears? haha just an idea lol, you said you wanted to do a different take on it.

    you&tyron are too cute <3

  2. you could go as the white queen which isn't really a character from alice in wonderland but from through the looking glass which continues the story of alice :) you could always wear a white sundress and sandals and a tiara to show that you're queen :) tyron could always be the white king :) i'm from england lol xx

  3. hmm. i have no idea but i wanted to post to say:
    cuz i'm cool like that. :P

    ooh, and i'm from England :) xxxxx

  4. thanks a lot for your lovely comment!
    so kind! :)

  5. More importantly: what kind of cake will it be?

  6. YO thanks for the comment haha:) I love Alice in Wonderland so much, you have no idea. You could go as the mad hatter (blazer, top hat, pocket watch) or as the singing flowers or those oysters that got eaten (check Romance Was Born for inspiration). Hope I could help...

    xx Australia.

  7. go as the catapillar!! or the cat! the cat could be cute or sexy. hmm your boyfriend can go as the rabbit.. but make him like a pimp rabbit or something? you know business rabbit.. in a suit with ears. aha im not sure. i actually never seen the movie or read the book, just know the characters from my kinder years!

    as for your question where are we all from. I am from denmark born and canada raised =)

  8. i would say go as alice but that's already taken. you should go as the bunny lol. the clock one! :)

  9. oh! you should go as those guys who were reaaally crazy and drank tea!! :) you just need some bright colors in your clothes, some hats, and a cool cup of tea!! Sooooo.. i'm form mexicooo! :)

  10. im actually stumped for ideas babe ...

    peter pan and wendy? HAHAH i dunno :) that'd be naaw! happy 10 months for you and tyron you guys are so EF#@R@ERFF'ing CUTE.

  11. oh woops. i totally thought that just said dress-up, MY BAD :D

  12. ahhh alice in wonderland!
    i'm slightly obsessed :)
    ahaha tweedle dee and tweedle dum would be so adorable!
    i vote you should get Tyron (oh happy anniversary and he is quite a looker!) to go as the mad hatter! That would be so awesome, did you know johnny depp is the mad hatter in the new movie coming out? lol
    And for you my dear.... hmm the doormouse? jks lol.
    wat about you and tyron make a massive caterpiller suit you can both get in and you could have the pipe with smoke going everwhere. you would make QUITE a scene.
    sorry i probs haven't been very helpful at all.
    i want to dress up!
    Pearl xo


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