i've picked up my friend's TERRIBLE habit of swearing in like every sentance! i'm so peeved off! last night, lol, i had a cleaning fit and i didnt sleep at all so i could clean the whole house OCD style, & the night before i had 2 hours sleep so now i'm sooo so tired. i thought i'd post to say merry christmas though :] i made strawberry santas & it totally got me into a christmassy mood which until now has been on ZERO. and so i offically, sincerely hope all your christmases are amazingg. OH BTW, LOL CUTE. tyron & i put up christmas lights together the other night ♥ oh and i cut my fringeeeeeeeeee + thinking going a lighter brown. not sure though. thoughts, anyone? anyways i'm going to go to sleep before i begin to malfunction.
to those in the snow, i hope your christmas is white, warm & fuzzy. for those in the heat, i hope your christmas lunches & dinners are special & filled with the laughter of your loved ones. oh and also dont forget to check the weather for fire-banned areas. lovelovelove and kisses, nancy.


  1. thanks for your lovely wishes:)
    get some rest and hope your Christmas is wonderful!

    off to Vienna now babe

  2. omg hun u shud get some sleep. u wudnt want to surprise santa while his putng the gifts under ur tree. hahah love you hun have a nice day.


  3. Aww I wish my boyfriend and I could put up Christmas lights together! :)

  4. im well thankyou!
    have a lovely christmas and get some beauty sleep :)
    a lighter brown sounds nice, want to see your fringe!
    lol and if it makes you feel any better i have cleaning fits too. I'll be lying in bed trying to sleep and ill get really frustrated and go and clean the house :D
    we're a bunch of weirdos eh?
    Pearl xo

  5. love your blog babe, and the posts you do! xx


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