i havent posted for the last couple of days because i'm going through a lot right now. its not really bad, or good. it's just made me terribly pensive and its erraticated my behaviour. why, i really dont know.. but if you've ever anticipated a really big change in your life that you know will make everything different in ways that you can't control, i think you might get the jist of how i'm feeling. thoughts have been rushing around my head day and night and in the past 3 days i've had 2 hours sleep. i'm so tired. when it comes to times like this i usually remove myself emotionally and tactically approach how i think i am feeling and compare it with my view of what is factual. my mind is a mess - but just now, for no reason at all i somehow have found one thought that collectively describes the complex group of dilemas fighting for attention inside my head right now: yesterday, i was. today, i am. tomorrow, i will be. i really dont know why, but it's oddly comforting. i think it's interesting because the more i think about it - the more comforting it is. next time you're upset - think about it. it helps.

BTWOMFGBBQ! only one more follower and i'm at one hundred. just, like whoah!! mm! and also, today i found the best recipe for, and made the best self-saucing chocolate pudding! it was soo yummy and i loved it because you dont need actual chocolate which is awesome. why? because i hate making stuff that you have to especially go shopping for if you know what i mean. like i had everything i needed in my house already. lovez it! let me know if you wanna make it, it's super easy. but yeah anyway it was a road test for christmas dinner's desert! it's almost christmas!! ahhhh!!! freeaking out much! :D much love m'dears, xx.


  1. ahh honey. hope you feel better soon. listen to uplifting music and spend time with friends and you will nearly always feel better (:

  2. aaaw dear i hope u feel much better.
    ur award was is my saved drafts its up now so hope tht cheers u up. love you hun.


    have a great day.

  3. babe<3

    hope you feel better soon.
    and somehow that phrase is comforting...!

    I'd like that recipe hahaha<3

    wishin you the best

  4. Aww nancy, I've missed your posts alot. I really do hope that everything gets better soon and we get flooded by your blogs asap :)

    have a merry Xmas babe, I wish I could follow again just to be your 100th! X

  5. i hope everything gets better for you! i send my love :)
    wow almast 100 followers is pretty A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!
    yum self-saucing pudding! id love to know the recipe please :D
    Pearl xo

  6. hope your mind clears soon, i know what you mean about change, I'm uncomfortable with any change whether its good or not.

  7. oh love your blog! thanks for leaving your link on mine :)

  8. just thought i'd let you know
    i love your blog and i'm your 100th follower :) <3 xx


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