not dead, just very gone :D

hay hay hay! just thought i would post one more time before i leave for brisbane. i am officially leaving in just under an hour. i'm really sick at the moment, and i've lost my voice and i'm all grosse and whatever but i seriously do not care. i kind of dont want to leave because of me mum, but i think it'll be a good experience nevertheless :) i'll be back a week from new years, so i hope you all will enjoy the rest of your 2009, and enter twenty ten with smiles on your faces, food in your bellies, and perhaps even a boy (or a girl) on your arm (or your mouth). :D thanks for following and as soon as i get back i shall reveal ALL. freggin found my camera just in time aswell :D PHOTOGRAPHY POSTS HA-HA! lovelovelovelove. xxxx. oh and thanks in advance for any comments ♥ oh and if theres any posts you post that are MUST-READS, post the link in a comment and i'll look it up as soon as i can (i'm visising a friend in QLD, which means internet :DDDD hooray!) loveeeeeeeeee. xxxx.


  1. have fun up there babe xx
    we'll miss your posts hurry up and get back!

  2. love the blog, very creative!

  3. love the pictures.



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