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so today my rich, gay half-brother (that i've never, ever hung out with before) picked me up from my house in his french convertible and we went for a drive. we took flowers to my neice renee's grave (died four days after being born) & to his friend's grave who committed suicide (at 30 something). as we were driving around the long, outstretched curvey roads through the memorial park toward's renee's grave, i felt like i was been taken down memory lane - and when we got there i was mesmorised by my memory of releasing 100 balloons into the air to signify her spirit being free, free of suffering, free to just be. even though it was really sad, it made me feel like all my shitty problems, my stress and my worries were all, for that moment, at ease. it was nice. we then went for vietnamese food at a restaurant and cause he was paying i got heaps of really nice but expensive food, >:] muahah. i'm glad him & i are getting closer; in the past 3 weeks we've talked a lot. i've been trying to get his attention for years - which is hard because my family hates him. i'm just glad, finally.


  1. thats a really nice story, I hope you and your brother can get along. I have two brothers but I don't have anything to do with them, I've allways wished we could get along like other families :( but anyway, I'm happy for you.

  2. thats really nice
    i'm very happy for you.
    its always nice to get to know someone,even if that someome has been in your life for quite some time:)

    hope u 2 get even closer;)


  3. Sweet (: I like moments like that, there special things <33


  4. Thinking about death is actually a really good cure for any kind of problem. Also, if he's rich, why haven't you been hanging out with him before? Seems like the only smart thing to do!

  5. I really love your blog header!

  6. i love your whole blog layout ! ♥
    and those pictures that you post too ~

  7. it's lovely that you've managed to start a relationship with a family member you lost contact with. i've always wanted to do that with my cousin but he seems to have vanished xx


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