thirty followers, sitting in a tree! K-I-S-S-I-N-G! ♥

well, i did get the break i was looking for, i guess it just wasnt in the most unexpected of ways.
i got a massive headache earlier
and it turned out to be some weird thing
and i couldnt talk or breathe or move or walk or see,
so nyeewww off i went inne ambuience all the way to the hospital :)
so i've just come back from spending the past 10 hours in the hospital. my boyfriend came, again, he was lovely. didnt help that he rocked up in a suit, looking the sexiest i've ever seen him ever ever in my life. ♥ but it motivated me to want to come home and eat. i was hungry because i threw up everything i ate this year LOL thanks for the comments&subscriptions btw. i made it to 30 today :) it was a lovely suprise :D oh and btw, i'm okay :D xxxx.


  1. ALSO i'll respond to yesterdays comments tomorrow.
    i really need to hit the sack!

    ♥ :)

  2. awww :[
    get well soon.
    but at least you can spend more time with your bf ;]

  3. ahh im so sorry to hear you were ill, but it seems you have a lovely boifriend to rely on! x

  4. thats real good to know!Happy for the fact that you got the break you wanted!
    Still it was a weird way to get it:p
    And thank God you're better now:)

    You are awesome :)


  5. That sounds horrible... I hate being sick i just cry and cry and cry.
    Get better yeah! :)
    I enjoy your blog and the followers just rolling in arn't they?!


i love all your comments ♥
oh, & i reply to all of them btw :)