all of mine, well.. they all seem to
somehow come back to me. :\
i've decided to be hopelessly in love with my boyfriend.
it's taken a while to admit that i'm IN love with him
(as opposed to just loving him) but, i think i was just scared.
i suppose it's like that sometimes :)
happy blogging everybody :)


  1. I love the top picture, I'm really excited by light leaks in photography. Being in love is fun, so enjoy.

  2. Gosh why are you soo different!
    Most people prefer to fall in love with someone than love them.Cause the ''falling in love'' part fades away at some point and then its the love that counts.
    But still you love him first and then fall for him...!
    Anyways,I hope that you both will always be in love with each other:)


  3. your very lucky :) hope it lasts, im sure it will. xx

  4. Beautiful photos girl and thanks for the lovely comment on my blog !

    I love love the 1st photo and to be in love is always such a tingle in your heart:)

    happy that you're in love,wish you both the best <3 Following your blog too girl !

  5. i love these pictures.



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