i've come to the conclusion that boys are funny things :)
although theyre stupid and quite strange, sometimes even discusting,
most of them are, after their mummy is gone,
simply just little fluffy oddballs, floating along in the ocean,
clueless, waiting to be picked up off the short by the right mrs lady,
who pledges never to throw him back into the water
and will love him, feed him, and make sure he wears nice shoes.
well, at least that's how it was for me :)
gotta love 'em,


  1. You are SO true !!
    Aha love it <3

  2. boys can be awful..i work with guys that have no inhabitions about farting in the staff room or telling me about weird porn they watch

    but they can also be awesome..some of my guy friends are so reliable

    i guess they're just like girls really..some you can't live without, some you can :)

  3. Thanks for following:)I love the glasses on that guy.

  4. Aw this is a nice way to think of them, instead of seeing them as smelly, annoying things that make you sad :( xxx

  5. that is so true, and completely adorable.
    I just love the way you said that.

    the boy in the second picture is delicious ;D

  6. Thats very true. Boys are boys! Hahaha!

    btw came across your blog while bloghopping, decided to follow your blog :) do checkk up on my blog too yea <3


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