you have mail.

nooidea, how sad.
so long story short. boyfriends being a douuuchhe, and i really didnt need it after all the things i've been through for him this week (and also because it was our six months anniversary thing, and he asked me to trust him more and he went and was an idiot, ew.) so anyway, i've decided to set boundaries, and tell him exactly what to do, and what happens if he doesnt. i usually forgive easily, probably too easily, and so i've decided this is what i need to do. so, i guess my message to him is: you have mail. get it right or get lost.
oh and i feel much better.
i think i might draw.
oh and also hi to my new followers.
hope you're all well ♥

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  1. hahaha thats my girl :)
    Yes u shoulg give him that message!
    Oh I love it when girls get fierce and realise they can run their own lives without having a damn ass over their heads heheee

    Good luck with whatever u do darling!



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