like a ghost, i'll be gone.

in my case this is not true. if it was me, this would simply be chnaged to:
"im pretty sure i could conquer the world with two hands, but i'd really much prefer it if you were there to hold one of them (as long as you were being a good boy and you made me feel special, because then i'd feel head special because of the conquering the world bit, and feel ♥ special because of the little stuffs you'd do. if not i'd just dump you and find someone at the top. :)"
i said simple, right? lol, anyways i learnt today as young people we want everything to be awesome. we want our parents to be happily married. we want an awesome boyfriend who's never a douge and is never boring. we want friends that dont back stab us, we want people to follow our blogs. (lol.) but sometimes these expectations are really unfair; thus we should make them wishes, CLEARLY, and keep in mind that it's near impossible to have everything close to what you want -- and that way it's a lot harder to be dissappointed. no one is perfect. and its important for us (me.) to remember that even we (i am) are not perfect, and that we're probably doing loads of crap to hurt and annoy peopel without realising, it. and that there is probably also someone else in the world waiting for an apology when we have no idea of even doing anything wrong.
i have no idea whats going on with my boyfriend, except for:
[ he loves me. i love him. ]
big suprise. love doesnt fix things though. i'd like to say i know what i'm going to do but i have no idea. :) so i think i'll just wing it.
find happiness in litle things, such as custard and a new handbag. ♥



  1. Yes, the truth is no one is perfect but we can always hope right?
    But then if love isnt enough,what is?


  2. this is so true.
    sometimes enjoying the little things like that can make a difference :)
    i love your posts x

  3. that was such a lovely post, it had so much feeling ! the quote also, very cute.
    love the blog, am following !
    please take a look at mine :)
    ells, xo

  4. your blog's really pretty! :)



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