k&h i feel like shit.
i'm frustrated, stressed and fed up.
i'm annoyed.
i didnt expect it, but i'm not suprised.
yesterday love was perfect, today love is the opposite.
n for nancy.
n for naive.


  1. i know the exact same feeling.

  2. First of all I have to wonder where to get all these wonderful pics from.
    Second of all, I know the exact same feeling as well.
    And everytime I feel it growing on me all I think of some lyrics by The Verve.

    ''Love is noise,love is pain, love is these blues that you're feeling again''

    I guess thats the only thing thats true.
    I think you should just be patient and wait for better days to come. And if you cant wait, why not make ur day better yourself?
    This how love makes us feel,thats why its so weird cause the feelings it causes us are so unexpected every single time. But dont feel sad or angry. Its just life.And until the one real love comes, this how its gonna be.
    So just be patient and optimistic.
    It will get better ;)



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