i've taken up a new hobby! last tuesday when i bought those earrings, i also bought an embroidery ring :) i looked up some patterns today, and tomorrow i'm taking a day trip into grandma-ville & buying more thread, needles and linen. i'm way too excited. LOL! also, sankyu everybody who commented on my last post :) i actually feel loads better - you'll see how it went eventually ;)


  1. wow,you seem so enthusiastic about this!
    so go ahead,take as much time as you need to spend with your new hobby,and when you have anything done,take a pic an upload it:)

  2. i hope you had a great time :)

  3. ooh let us know how the new hobby goes, and what's you've decided about the long distance relationship! my brother was in a relationship with a girl for 3 years where the first year they lived 5 hours away, the second year, he lived in england she lived in ecuador and third year he lived in japan and she lived in england. now he's got a new girlfriend who lives in australia whilst he's back in england. It sounds complicated but they're so in love and the time they have together is so special. If you like this guy I say go for it, as you never know he might just be amazing enough to make the distance not that major.
    sorry about the long comment!! xxxxx

  4. nice blog...!

  5. glad you're better!
    love the picture, so inspiring!
    wish u all the best for everything :)


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