can someone puh-lease let me know what the deal is with long distance relationships these days? are they not called long distance cause there's only a short distance between people and their computers & their cell phones? are they not as difficult because of cheap airline tickets and people's inability to save money? what the hell is this?! if you ask me, it's all bullcrap. i dont see how you can "date" someone without actually going on dates. i know like 6 girls "dating" guys from brisbane (>21hours drive/>2.5hour flight), and now a guy from brisbane wants to "date" me. :(
usually, the whole distance thing would be enough to make it oh-so-easy to tell whoever it was to go get screwed, but this guy is amazing. he's funny, not completely genetically unfortunate either, a-n-d he's actually really, really smart. my one friend, who's known me since i was like 5, says i should definately "go for it" because of how awesome he is, and because it's "dating" and not lockdown. but i just dont even see how its possible to "go for" anything? i cant wrap my head around the concept of "dating" someone in that way. maybe i'm just not as "down-with-the-kids" as i thought - and even though i can't grasp the idea of it, cause he's so awesome, i can't say no it either! argh, i dont know. help, please :(


  1. it all depends on what's going on in your own life. if there's no stress, then why not? if there are too many other things on your mind, you'll end up with another burden, and your relationship probably wouldn't flourish if either of you were constantly feeling .overwhelmed

    but i reckon you should go for it, just to try something new. (:


    loving your posts as always.

  2. Most long-distance relationships start off with the hopes of somehow one day ending up living in the same city as one another. I think one should only do the whole long distance thing if there is strong connection between the two people, both parties are willing to sacrifice being away from each other for periods at a time, and also working towards to being together in a serious way. Other than that, it's hard and takes a toll on one's emotions if things end up going sour.

    I think that if the guy is willing to go to you and initiate the 'dates' then it sounds like a nice thing for awhile...

    Do whatever you think you're up to, hun. If it's going to be a burden in any way then don't subject yourself to it.

    Hope I made sense.

    With Love,

    Maria xxxx

  3. Its' difficult, My boyfriend and i once where in a long distance "relationship", i lived in spain and he in sweden...i got sick of computers, i worked too much and he couldnt see each other very often. In the end i realised he was more important to me than anything else...and now I live in sweden. Who am i to give you any advice, but make sure like maria said you stablish a connection, and if you think he is really speacial go for it, better than regreting and having ur head full of if's. Andd IF it doesn't work, at least you have tried.


  4. That's funny cause all three of my Brisbane housemates at one point have dated a Melbourne girl! Infact, one of them still is!

  5. well i'm really biased, because i'm in a really really really long distance relationship. :D so go for it! teehee.

  6. Ok...this is how i see it....I don't rekon you need to put a label on it! If you really dig it seems you do...then awesome! Enjoy the lurrrve vibe and that dreamy state you get. Thats what its all need to make it all black and white. ENJOY!
    P.S that braid is frikkin amazing. x

  7. I haven't read all the comments here but I agree with Maria Conforti. I don't know what the stats are but I know it's safe to say that the majority of long-distance relationships don't work out.

    I was in one briefly, when I was 22. I travelled to Europe with a buddy and fell for a Yugoslavian girl from Switzerland (I documented the entire trip so I know the exact date and minute I saw her).

    Anyway we talked of seeing each other again. I planned to fly back, stay with her family while I visited and work in their store a bit to earn my stay. I was anxious to return until she started getting serious (as in engagement serious) so I called the relationship off.

    My experience was that it was emotionally taxing to go through. I worked midnight shift in a warehouse where every night I could see the blazing lights of the Toronto airport. And every night I dreamed of hopping a flight to be in her arms again and cover her in kisses. I won't say it consumed me but she was always on my mind, and I never knew when I'd see her again.

    Whether or not you can make it work is up to the two of you, but you'll need to make sure you're on the same page. If it's a casual relationship where you're free to date other people there's not as much pressure and, I think, a greater chance that you'll enjoy it.

    If it's a monogamous relationship there are some hard questions that you both have to answer. Can you be emotionally fulfilled by one so far away? Can you withstand the absence of physical contact, no hugs or kisses on a regular basis? Can you hold out sexually for long periods of time? Can you be faithful to each other while you're apart?

    You could be setting yourself up for heartbreak or the most romantic, thrilling experience of your life. If you're honestly prepared to accept what could happen, I say take the chance. Life's too short not to.

  8. I don't know the deal with long distance relationships, mainly because I've never been in one, but I'd say there's times when you could make it work, and times when it just wouldn't.

  9. Sometimes it's nice to just have someone who you don't know well enough to feel like you'll mess it up to text you or mail you once every so often and tell you you're pretty. Or say that they're missing you - even if it's not true. That part of a long distance fling is nice.

    But believe me, from experience, just try not to get too attached. It ends up hurting just as bad as if they lived 20 minutes away. I'd go for it for a flirt etc, but nothing more. Long distance = the devil. In my eyes.

    Just make sure you're happy kiddo :)

  10. thank you very much for your sweet comment! i enjoy your blog as well, the images are fantastic :)

  11. I think that u should go for it ! try something different, why always the same thing? rminds me of Eminem: if u got one shot...:)

  12. I believe in long distance relationships as I am in one :)
    Having said that, my boyfriend and I established our relationship over about 8-9 months before he went away. He will be away for 3 years in total and if we're to stay together I have to move a loooong way away from my home. I'm in Melbourne and he's in Canberra for now, and we see each other about twice a month. There are a lot of fors and againsts in my situation, and i'll inform you of the positives:

    - it gives you independence
    - you get to chill with your friends still
    - you grow more as a couple
    - you realise if you're meant to be together
    - you learn to talk better to each other (over the phone and net etc)
    - it's so exciting when you get to see each other finally!

    I say if you are attracted to him, then go for it! But keep yourself happy!



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