Note: Terrible language for a Sunday (or any day for that matter). I never actually swear outloud ever, but right now I feel like I am gray and a terribly ugly shade of blue. I'm afraid I'm temporarily depressed. Nothing too shitty happened, I'm just in a shitty mood and my friends are mostly shitty for different reasons aswell. Not at me, but they all complain to me and I'm at that point you get to once in a while where you really don't give a fuck about Jane getting fucked over by her other friends, or how John has trust issues. I'll be fine tomorrow, but for now I wish I were a turtle so that I had a shell to crawl into. ♥


  1. Yeahh^^ Everyone feels like that one time.

  2. we all have those feelings from time to time babe.
    you're gonna be just fine ;)

    oh and please remember Barney Stinson's life motto:

    ''When I am sad,I stop being sad and start being awesome instead'' =]

  3. I'm so sorry that things aren't going well - I hope with all my heart that the world is kinder to you tomorrow!
    Love, Athena. xxx

    p.s. I agree with Fenia; keep calm and watch How I Met Your Mother; it always cheers me up.

  4. oh, i can totally relate!
    anyway, great picture.
    i'm always inspired everytime i come here!

  5. i always feel like that.sometimes we are too nice, and there is nothing wrong in being blue once in a while.

    thank you for you lovely comments, your blog is beautiful, so are your posts, im following you too.

  6. i know exactly. how you feel.
    usually when i go through rough times i write a gratitude list. like im thank-ful for my eyesight, to see the world and amazing blogs etc.. life's to short to be all depressed.
    xxxxx :) smile, jesus loves you

  7. I get this way sometimes too, I usually just lock myself in my room for a while.


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