so i kissed you, and held you, and loved you. but so what? just because i kissed you, held you, and loved you, it does not mean you deserved it. because you were such dick, i'm gonna go off and find me a nice boy. because you didnt appreciate me, my nice boy will love everything i do and appreciate me more than you ever could. because you didnt deserve me, my nice, appreciative boy, he will. i might not find him now, or later, but when the time is right, i will. and because you didnt love me the way i deserved, i'll be able to love him more than i ever loved you. and i'll make sure of it. and because you gave me a reason to, i won't regret you. not even a little, and not even at all.


  1. great post and its so true....
    hate it when they think your gonna give up on being happy.


  2. This post reminds me of the song 'Twilight' by Travis Garland. Hope everything gets better soon x

  3. strong and beautiful post<3
    love you as hell my beautiful babe:)


  4. lol you guys are freggin bombdiggity :)


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