i cant even be f*cked explaining what happened yesterday. it was f*cked though. really f*cked. one of my bestie's, kel, invited me to come to this hotel club thing tonight, but i was supposed to take tyron's little sister to this festival thing, but now i had a fight with him (& pretty much his whole family) last night, and i just got a call from tyron's ex who invited me to go to this party with free alcohol, but its pretty far. no idea what to do. we'll see where the weekend takes me :)


  1. i must say you have the most drama filled life of anyone i know! you deal with it well though i must say,
    have a good weekend!
    Pearl xo

  2. Nancy be the best and fuck the rest.
    love you too much my little drama queen.<3

    have an awesome and unforgettable weekend:)


  3. dnt get in much truble this weeknd. party hard and eff everything else..


  4. i hope everything works out well, nancy!


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