hello dear readers :) so tyron came to my house last night, and we talked. for ages. i'll explain more later, but, we decided we should be valentines. ♥ he's obviously going to get me some kind of jewelery or some shiet, but because i have no money i decided to do something superunique :) i found this OLDD poetry book published in like the 70's? and i had an ideaaaa, so anyway i ripped out the pages of the book and circled different words to write a poem of my own :) i'm not quite done yet, but i'll blog it when i am done :) TELL ME ABOUT YOUR VALENTINE'S BABIES! :) :)


  1. I need to get something for louie (boyfriend) but i have no idea what D:
    and that is a very original idea :) xx

  2. lovely idea<3 valentine really...
    and that excites me soo badly!

  3. well hmm i wonder wht he said to win u back as his valentine bt neway haha gud luck on the poem (: cant wait for valentines.


  4. that's such a great valentine's idea!

  5. lovely idea!
    tyron better appreciate it.
    sadly i don't have a velentine, but i really dont care :)
    Pearl xo

  6. Can't wait to hear the poem! I love your blog! xo


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