today was kind of sad because tyrons been a dick lately. i told him that i dont want to see him until he promises that he'll respect me more and shiett so i probs wont see him for a while. its kind of a relief though i hate to say it, but i'm with him all the time and like everyone says its like we're married. and we're not.
on the other hand though, i'm seriously P-U-M-P-E-D for saturday. mostly becuase the bitch who wont give back my camera.. well her room mate loves me and she's going to steal it back for me tonight and i'm going to go and get it from her work tomorrows :) ha-ha! that idiot girl also has my $120 jacket and my $8 belt, but i have her ipod so that stupid cowbitch can suck my dick. LOLLLLLLL. (i really do not like her anymore.) but anyway this means i'll be able to post more of my own photos! and take photos on sat! hooray all round (except for boyfriend stuff). :D


  1. thanks for your comment!

    nice photos!looking forward to the weekend so i can to the same, party :D

  2. shopping DOES cure anything. I hope this guy treats you better...you deserve better. :(

  3. yay for future photos :)
    Pearl xo

  4. cant wait for future photos<3
    hope things work out for you and T.
    be strong and dont forget who you are

    love always

  5. hahah cool babe
    hopefully tyron comes back and acts better


  6. yes vodka cures everything. but watch out for the germermans ...


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