so i noticed in the past week or so, i've had 30ish followers follow me, so i thought i would take the time out, just to say: YOYOYOYOYO MADAFUKAAA!!! welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome, to my blog. :)

so apart from the dress up party on friday, saturday i (yes, i alone, without tyron) shall be attending one of my friend's birthdays at a club in the city. all of my school friends who i spent years getting smashed with and whom i share my most embarrassing moments with will be there. i plan to get wasted. trashed. why? if every bone in my body tells me not to go, why? oh i know!

since i've stopped drinking and going to clubs, i feel kind of trapped. i miss trying to keep friends hooking up a secret & before you know it E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E is talking about it. i miss giving out fake numbers!! i miss chatting on the phone in undies and socks being shocked at the horrific mischief you got up to the night before and cracking up about it till you split your sides. i miss looking through my camera wondering who half the people in the photos are.

so, morals. fuck you. :)

i'll be with friends who care about me - not getting alcohol poisiong but being poisoned enough to be myself again. oh and by the way i'm going as dinah because i dont think any one else would think of it and i wanna be unique :) i'll give you guys the details on my costume if you'd like them in my next post. :)


  1. hahahhaha
    oh hun ur wonderful (:


  2. LOLL, my dad gave me&&my sister a lecturee on the phonee the othaa day about throwing our life away by trashing the house and partying all night (and most of the morning), that we should follow his 'brilliant example' and we were just like - screw you, your never here! the last thing you gave us was some mint shampoo&& your drink-to-death habits! haaaaaa,

    thankss for your comment BTWW, i knoww wat you mean :L i was just like WRINKLE-ALERTT ;) you make me laugh so hardd sometimes, hahaaaaa,

    love, Torrr.

    (high on oxygen overr here ;])

  3. haha, loving the tights.
    Have a good day

  4. hahaha, lovely lovely lovely
    fuck the morals <3
    you're awesome

  5. hah. your so funny! i wish i had a friend like you in my life! it would be crazy. xox

  6. Aww you'd be so awesome to party with
    have funn babe!!

  7. Aww lol that was really cute!
    I hope you have fun at that club, I still haven't been to one yet lol. xD


  8. no harm in getting trashed every once and a while! have fun :)


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