since tonight is the night before australia day, which is a public holiday, tonight after my pitch (which i still havent finished preparing) tyron, my friends & i are going out dancing! im so pumped! to see whyyy i'm so excited, please click hurrr. it's a party we go to every year and its soo fun~ the music at this club's amazing to: downstairs they have like retro/one hit wonders, and upstairs they have electro/house mixed with rnb, and the crowd's just amazing. (yes i overuse the word amazing shutup! lol) i wish i could take photos BUT SOME STUPID ASSHOLE WONT GIVE MY CAMERA BACK. i'm so angry! and i'm also angry cause the outfit i planned to wear tonight dissappeared, but nevertheless, my woes shall not bring me down >:] i'm ready to party beee-arcchh. :D
1. how are you today, i hope you are fine and dandy and walking on sunshine. 2. how was your weekend? goss? tell/link me. :) 3. should i make my font bigger?! on my laptop, its fine but on my PC its a little smaller and just wanting to know if it should be like one pt up :) coolies! oh and thanks for following everyone! :D


  1. 1. I am alright thankyou, how are u? I'm not quite walking on sunshine unfortunately.
    2. My weekend was crap. Find out why here
    3. I think u should make the font a little bigger,only cos I have shit eyes lol


  2. 1. good thanks
    2. it was alright nothing special
    3. just a little bigger pretty please

  3. hello!
    you always have the nicest pictures in your posts :)are they from weheartit?
    1. im quite well today, i am wearing pearls around my neck and feel sofisticated. i also bought some work shoes which make me feel like Madeline :)
    2. my weekend. wellas you know i went bowling with friends and the like, which was great :) we also danced. ALOT!
    3. i think a bit bigger font would be nice, for those who's eyes are retiring :)

    wow look at you! 155 followers, your on fire girl!
    Pearl xo

  4. yeah, go girl! lets party!! :) your blog has changed, and i like it!

    1. grounded...
    2. grounded...
    3. yes, a bit bigger would be nice, my eyes will appreciate it! :)

  5. font bigger or not so light. i'm freakin blind and my eyes water when i have to read super duper small print. but your blog is worth the don't have to change if you don't want love. hehehe

  6. 1.well thanksyou! my day was pretty good.
    2. my weekend was pretty chill i guess, we underage people have to go back to school on wednesday, so baah. how was yours?
    3. umm maybe a tag bigger, and a bit darker? yes?


  7. 1)Fine today but stressed out cause I have this stupid latin test tomorrow...bliahh
    2)weekend kinda sucked.


  8. your blog just gets better and better every time i go on it!
    love it. XXX


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