drama, drama, drama.

1. HELLO! 2. HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY! 3. DONT WORRY, DRAMA IS COMIC BAHAH 4. SUPPOSED TO GO BEACH TODAY but *dundundun* LMAO it's 11.27 and i got home from last night like half an hour ago. i got in sooo much trouble because of where i slept last night, but my mum's pretty chill about it which is good :) its probably only cause of my voluntary shiet going so well last night that she's letting me off so easy, LOL!
Q. where were you nancy? A. at tyrons house!
this is something i've strictly been told not to do ever ever everrrr. and it was actually a mistake, i fell asleep while waiting for a taxi home, but because tyron was too chicken shiet to come home with me to talk to my parentals, my mum's punishing him instead! LOL! and so, i'm not allowed to see him for 3 weeks! my mum & i are even going to different churches! and i know it sucks, but it sucks more for him than it does for me + i'm dissappointed/angry at him for not coming to my rescue! lol oh and also, i changed my fontsize (& colour) upon request. :)happy tuesday everyone!


  1. gosh....(!) be careful where you sleep next time:P
    boys are so unreliable

    check out


  2. hahaha<3
    your mum knows good punishment hahahha:p
    Dear Tyron,
    Please take Nancy home next time...I mean IF YOU EVER WANNA SEE HER AGAIN!



  3. :D hey we gotta bend the rules sometimes
    love you hun



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