okay so once upon a time, at the start of the year, the girls i was friends with at the time "dumped" me cause the guy they were all ga-ga over, and i had a thing at camp. to paint the picture, he's the most popular guy at school (in the literal sense), he's an athlete (killer bod), and girls will line up after he's done a performance to get a photo of him (a lot of the time he grabs me to be in photos with him, cute!) he played the piano and sang to me (all my life - kci & jojo), he has an a-m-a-z-i-n-n-g voice, and we did a duet at the talent night and cuddled at the movie night. we then became really close friends, but since its always been that awkward in-between kind of friends -- and yeah. any way, two weeks past and after the holidays the girls found out i had a boyfriend (same boyfriend i have now), who is half australian and half cookislander, (makes him hawt stuff!) and when i showed them pictures they simply were in shock. he used to play for the same rugby team as the group of boys this prettykid is the leader of, who are all islander and sexy as bro! anyway, then the bitchiness arrived and from there it was all down hill. SO, i was talking to this prettykid last night, turns out he needs a lift to the prom: which means i will rock up with two sexy boys in suits, to the formal in a brand new WRXSTI. in front of the girls who i used to be friends with. in a hot dress. just thought i'd share the goss ♥ hahahah. im soo effing excited. :) oh and also he's coming clubbing. :)


  1. haha those bitchy girls deserve to feel bad if they're spreading that negativity. have lots of fun, you deserve that! x

  2. ahaha that is soo good! lol, our going to make such an entrance!
    well done on scoring two hot boys!
    Pearl xo

  3. yay yay yay NANCY BABE u r making THE ENTRANCE;)

    sooo happy for u!!!!


  4. I love the top photo, have fun at the formal


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