33/91 degrees today.
i had a shit morning, the shittest morning in a while. so i went shopping, and i bought 2 bras and 7 pairs of new undies. was happy until i burnt my hand on a 527 degree metal thing. it hurts so bad. stuff with my boyfriend is uncontrollably bad. its gotten to the point that i cant even talk about it because it just makes me really upset. its not even that bad, he just really has not stepped up at all. he's not cheating on me or anything but he's just like, let down after let down i was so upset today, and i asked him to come to mine after work because i desperately needed to talk to him. he didnt come. i called him after like 6 hours, because i couldnt stop crying. and i know no ones perfect but c'mon. take the conversation we had on the phone:
mee: (babbling on about how much my hand is in excrutiating pain).
*awkward silence*
him: um, okay. i need to get up early is there anything important you need to say?
i started crying and hung up. i continued to cry for a half hour or so. i've had a stressful week. month. four months. yep. four months. i know i'll be okay though. wannaknow why? i'm a ninja. 'nuff said. hope you're better than me.


  1. Hey hey!
    How hot has it been!!
    I'm liking your ninja style you've been breaking out into lately :D

    Thanks for your comment!
    It is such a small world isn't it!
    I'm wanting to go to university at UQ at the St Lucia campus as well!
    And I live in the sunshine coast, so I'll probably pass you on the street and we won't even know, how weird is that??

    I've been getting a list of good places to suggest for shopping - but ill get back to you when i have refined it :)

    Have a good week!
    Pearl xo

  2. thats depressing about your whole boyfriend issue.
    i know i'd feel the same way.
    but im sure everything will turn out fine :D

  3. darling u are a ninja end of story :)
    be patient with him he may have some problems as him that u care and just wait till he decides to talk to you..
    u dont need to put any pressure on him,he will come around eventually ;)
    hope things get better for u =]

  4. ah, boys boys, i hate them, but i love them hahhah
    you should just keep your mind busy do other things and stop thinking about it

    hopefully you feel better

  5. Hi pleased to meet you

    enjoyinng you blog

    come pay a visit sometime

  6. Baby, you're still a rockstar. Hang in there and I'm sure time will fix everything.
    You gotta go there to come back.

  7. Love this picture! You have great pictures on your blog!!

  8. Thats rather sad:( as in upsetting sad.
    But.. you go ninja!


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