life is insane.

i am terrified.
im just glad i have you.


  1. You've only just watched The Notebook?! Did you love it? I love it :) You're gunna be hooked on watching it now haha. & I'm totally agreeing that life is insane.

  2. Oh darling you should do whatever you feel like doing.If you wanna start again somewhere new do so,if you dont then stay right where you are.Dont try to be something you are not because of what people want from you,even if you love them more than your life.
    Life is insane and you get to decide whethet it keeps on being like that.You choose.So make a choice.And try to make everything better by finding yourself again:)

    P.s. yes everything on my blog is written by me,all the little poems or thoughts are mine ;)

    It was good hearing from you as well:)



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