kissy kissy :)


haha! so the new rule in the boyfriend's house (coming home straight after work) ..totally FAILED. he came home to me last night!
MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! >:) whuaha!! stupid mrs. lady, i'm like two up now, how marvellous.
i've also decided that my boyfriend and i
shall visit the zoo (: to see the long nosed chinese animal i forget what they're called, but get this i rememeber exactly where they are in the zoo. weirdddddd.
i'm sooo nervous about the interview today and i have another one tomorrow i dont think i want to go though! errrkk! and my nails are painted black they might think i'm emo ewwwwwwwwwwwwWwWwww.


btw FUCK i am so fucking jealous of this chicks hair she should have a god damn lisence for this 'do look at it its so fucking gorgeous what the hell it makes me angry looking at it because my hair is unfortunately not identical to hers. grr. btw i keep sneezing how annoying.

i hope your days are lovely ♥



  1. Thanx for the comment, was nice, your blogs cute too :) I am also very jelous of that girls hair, looks like a lot of maintenence though.

  2. hey, i would just like to say, i love your blog ! i am already following but all of your posts are so good ! and they make me laugh loaaaads :) keep them up :D
    ells, xo

    I'm so happy for you and your boyfriend:)

    I wanna wish u good luck AGAIN!
    Hope everything works out for u!



i love all your comments ♥
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