omg my boyfriends mum is soooo whiney!
just listening to her makes me want to shoot her
in the head(with a marshmallow gun)!
just to make her confused so she
shuts up for a while; geeeeeeeeeeeeeez!
& i know i'm not being understanding at all
but ..errghh. i have period pain. yeah that's right!
and it effing hurts so tyron's mum can suck it.
(i'm sure period pain measures upto the pain of labor & childbirth,
but whatever, call me selfish :P)
but seriously i've spent the morning on the couch
in tracksuit pants and no bra watching documentries about
dead people, while hugging a hot waterbottle and drinking
what's probably ended up to be like 12 cups of tea.
and now i'm out of tea. :(
and it probably didnt help that last night
on the way home i payed $6.50 for noodle box
that i got all excited about and then as soon as
i got home, i hurled. and didnt stop until bedtime.
eugh! what a waste of money.
oh, and my boyfriend (asshole!) replied to my "omg noodlebox sucks! i've
been vomiting for like an hour!" text message in the morning
with: "i left my library card in your electricity box on the way
to work this morning. mind popping over to the library and borrowing
[some gay book about shit stuff] for me?" at a library that's half an hour
away from my house! i'm his girlfriend not his wife!
above all, PMS is making things 10 times as hard as they should be.
chocolate soup
anyway, how are you all? whats news, whats not!
what have you bought, tell me everything :)
i charity shopped and bought a really cuteblack
pencil skirt for like six bucks, so cute!
btw my interview went reeeeeeeeeeeeealllyyywell :)
it went for like an hour of just me & the
director just talking about random stuff, was so good,
and i was so proud, but now i really want to work there!
now i'm just scared that i would've gotten my hopes up
and like now its like "omg i so know that i'm not going to
end up working there because of how much
i really want to work there" i hate the way life
works like that it's so sucky!
btw i was thinking about the girls hair in the last post
and chloe, you're so right, it would be really high maintainance!!
but still, i hope that she gets gum right in the top
and she has to shave it all off. stupid cow,
(clearly, i am still disturbingly jealous)
hugs, kisses and big long sloppy licks across your faces!
hahahahahah grosseee! (i know you'd love it!)


  1. very cute! haha marshmallow gun :)

  2. aw hope you feel better soon! :(
    and good luck for the job.x

  3. You post has made me chuckle...inside I must confess but nevertheless I chuckled!
    You post is also making me hungry... with the marshmellows and all. Just wanted to say danke for the comment and i shall be reading your blog.:)

  4. dont worry babes I believe everything will get better soon :)

    good times gonna come as soon as ur PMS is over and you get that job that you totally deserve :D


  5. thanks lovely :) you're blog is so cute too!
    first day went really well thanks! :)
    hope you're alright hun! oxoxo


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