1. Someone described me as a lioness the other day. Wuurd. 2. People keep trying to convince me NOT to study next year. 3. People touching baby Jacob's face while he's sleeping - actually makes me want to rip their faces off while they're sleeping. 4. I accidentally got boiling water down my front the other day. That hurt like a bitch. Hurt even more when I had to hold Jacob. FFS. But yeah it's okay now. 5. I have to post more often. I will. :)


  1. Nancy, you are so incredibly brave, and I am so, so proud of you. You are going to be such a beautiful mother, and ah, you are a Lioness, in the most wonderful way.
    A constant reminder as to how Lionhearted we can be; you are amazing. xxx

  2. A lioness, fitting for a mother. All good mothers are brave, beautiful souls. xx :)

  3. <3

    Athena you gorgeous freak. ♥

  4. OH no! I can't remember whether I touched his face or his hair when he was sleeping at Kelsie's!!


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