i wonder why it is,
that i dont argue, like this.
with anyone, but you.


  1. this is way too much like me any my boyfriend.

  2. it's the passion behind it, know the feeling. both the best and the worst.

  3. hey parts of your blog...and i didnt fully get how the pictures are related to the stuff you write...or are they not related :D

  4. I love this. I think we argue more with the people we love because we know that no matter what happens they will always love us.

  5. That is definitely a true statement. I think it all goes down to the over abundant passion between two people...especially in a serious relationship. When you have so much passion between one another you tend to show it in more ways than one...especially in the form of arguing.

    Btw, your blog is fantastic...I love the randomness of everything--thoughts, reminds me of how my mind works. :-) Also, thanks for reading my blog, too!

    Much love,

    Maria xxxxx

  6. because no one else means what he does to you.. lol hope that makes sense.. probs could've worded it better :L
    ahh i feel special :P but yeahh i want to follow you.. sort out your follow box ;) xx

  7. This is so cute, and so so so true. You wouldn't want to argue with anyone else like that either :)xo


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