1. would you like an Arabic song? then check my last post here

    I hope you like it, and maybe it will inspire you.

  2. awh good luck, i went through all that 2 years ago

    1 tip they usually love life shows that you're more interested in art i guess..and a variety of styles/mediums just talk up how much you LOVE art and drawing haha

    blogs/magazines/movies are good for inspiration

    something chilled/up beat is good.. angus and julia stone or crystal castles are awesome homework music if you like them

    good luck!

  3. ride by the cary brothers.
    sweep by blue foundation.
    instrumental music by yndi halda.
    thats all I can think of so far.

    good luck babes


  4. just went on random word generator, and i got :



    and clue!

    good luck that probably didnt help!

  5. the first word that came to my mind was Asia... hope it helps! i wish i could draw and send you some inspiration!

  6. Read some Charles Bukowski poetry... Either that or check out Deviant Art and use some images to inspire you.

    Songs I'd recommend... (Silverchair - I Live in a Cemetery- i've always loved to see some art behind this) (Counting Crows - Around Here, some great imagery) (Carolina Heat - You, Me And Everyone We Know) (Brand New - Degausser... Infact, anything of Brand News album 'The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me' would be amazing)

  7. I hope you will fidn your inspiration soon, please post the drawings later, Im Anxious to see them! ♥

  8. ooooo good luck! i find wandering around with a camera the best way to find scenes to paint/draw from

    and a trip to a local gallery or museum is always great :)

    but artists I'd recommend looking into for inspiration- rob ryan, geurilla girls and david hockney

  9. I like to look at other artist's websites. Try Sam Weber of Tara McPherson. Not sure what your style is, but those are some that inspire me. ;)


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