Some guy I know's friend found my blog. I feeel soooo uncomfortable I wanna puke : But hey, yeah. My dog had puppies! Woop woop!


  1. I didn't find your blog, you simply posted on mine and I followed the links.

    Don't make me out to be the bad guy here!

  2. NOT EVEN! I commented on yours.
    And you used it to find me.
    I hate you.

  3. That's happened to me before... A friends mom started reading my blog! Creepy.

  4. ahh puppies the bright side LOLs :D


  5. haha, i love reading the first two comments ;D

    i was going to post how akward that would be and how much i would hate if anyone i knew found my blog.

    but actaullly...
    i think this post, and then the first two comments made my day ;p

  6. i often wonder if I told my friends about my blog and to follow it if they would even want to. they don't like to hear about my faith because they don't believe in it and it's written ALL over my blog.

    None-the-less after debating the issue I realized I probably would feel self-conscience about writing EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED TO knowing they were reading.

    And I'm only referring to one group of friends. I have other friends that do have access so I guess I'm segregating them :(


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