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I haven't really posted much about my life lately, so here's a summary, girls: I'm invited to 4 diff places tonight, 3 diff places tomorrow night, and 2 places Sunday. F*cking.. weekends. >:@! Been drinking excessive amounts of China detox tea, and now everytime I wake up I look pregnant - until I pee ♥ LOL! Losing weight though :) I'm in love with Danny, this guy I dated for two years, haven't seen in like three years. He totally has a girlfriend, but he lives 11 hours away by car, so it's nothing to worry about. He loves me too, don't judge me, fuck you, it's temporary - it always is. ♥ Umm, andddd, yep. I miss my camera. Left it in a mate's car :( . I'm doing HEAPS of folio stuff at the mo' for Uni interviews coming up soon! I have a couple of gorgeous friends to model so far, and one guy is even flying down from the other side of the country, so I can do a shoot with him! WOOP WOOP! :) I'll start job hunting again soon, and I should also be getting my license soon, which is way too exciting for me to handle right now! If I save up enough money, I'm going to Sydney over New Years, for two weeks. Massive convention, massive parties, massive cruise - I'm psyched!! That is all. For now. :)


  1. your life seems pretty good right now :) you should post more off your folio stuff :) i liked your collage that your posted before :)


  2. Your life is a book I love to read about. ♥

    You're so exciting!


  3. ooh this is so exciting!
    so sureal.
    love reading your posts.
    Pearl xo

  4. You sound so busy and also like you are so happy with life :) I love it!

  5. You seem like a happy bug :)

    party in Syd woop woop.

  6. sounds like you are having an amazing time hey:) im glad things are good for you:)

  7. that sounds so exciting and busy!! my days are kinda boring lately :)

    following you!

  8. your blog is so rad and i thought you were gonna say ive been drinking lots of alchol hahha
    i was gonna say oh me too hahha
    but yeah
    thakn you for your comment babe!

  9. love your blog :)

  10. you're so funny :)
    sounds like everyone loves you and everyone want to spend time with you. that is really cool :)

  11. miss you+love you :)
    babe,you could totally be the new carrie bradshaw;)

  12. you sound crazy busy ! haha, enjoy life!

  13. wow, you must be insanely busy! good luck with everything, nancy! hope you're having a wonderful weekend, doll ♥ as if you need to diet!

  14. absolutely beautiful gorgeous pic!she looks awesome...sooo fucking beautiful!wish you a nice sunday!

  15. hey, good luck for everything. hope you land your best job soon!
    don't mention it--i love your blog so much!! you are a very talented writer and everybody should know about it!!

    can't wait to see more of your writings!! :)
    all the best for you. xx

  16. wow, sounds great :) where are u from? where are so many partys? :D

  17. I love reading about you.
    There is an award for you on my blog.


  18. How do you like the China detox tea? Your entries are always so fun to read because it's like a big paragraph filled with energy and emotion.

    Feel free to follow me!

  19. your blog is beautiful!:)


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