last night i dressed up and went to a thing @ the hilton, and on the way home i had to pull over on the freeway to throw up everything i ate this year. i havent felt so sick since i went to hospital with a migraine and i just cried and cried and bang. slept. LOL. it was especially weird though because i never expected the whole throwing-up-on-the-side-of-the-freeway-thing to happen while sober. LOL. so now, i'm cold, i'm sick, and i really want chocolate cake. its like an undescribable yearning from my stomach to like, the gods of chocolate cake heaven. it's rediculous. and not only that, i want chocolate mud cake, with chocolate frosting. like, the $6 ones you can get from safeway/woolies specifically. oh and cocoa pops. and a chocolate thickshake. and an oreo mcflurry with oreo's and m&m's and caramel. and chocolate self-saucing pudding with chocolate and vanilla icecream. ♥ omg and brownies. yuuuum. oh and btw, "JAMES." remember the name, it'll come up. :) oh and crepes and/or waffles with chocolate/vanilla icecream and chocolate sauce. and strawberries. and strawberries dipped in chocolate sauce. that really thick one you can get in the fresh produce section @ coles & foodworks. ♥ ahhaahah. and a donut. a pink one. LOL.


  1. awwwww, hopefully you feel better after you sleep for ages! omg all that chocolate stuff, i'm craving it now! have a lovely weekend, gorgeous <3

  2. oh no :( for a second i thought you were describing an insanely drunken experience - throwing up while sober is infinitely worse!

  3. hope you get better!! btw, that photo is so nice..

  4. being sick is the worst, i hope you feel better!

  5. awwww that sucks so much. hope you feel better.
    yum yum chocolate cake. i love that photo.

  6. Aww thanks girl, your comment made me laugh! :D Though I prolly shouldn't laugh while you're sick ey ):

    Hope you'll feeling better today though. (: And stop thinking about all those food too, you'll just feel sadder! Haha drink more water, and sleep lotss! Get well soonly! (:

    Love ya,

  7. I hope you are feeling better.
    I like that picture a lot. Did you take it?
    Have a lovely weekend, my dear.


  8. hahaha. love this post! not because you are sick. i'm very sorry about that! :( i love this because of your love for chocolate. that cake sounds soooo good right now! have you ever had chocolate cake donuts? i can't go into a gastation without buying one, i swear. delish!

  9. Thanks for your lovely comment... :)
    Hope you feel better soon, dear... :)

  10. oh no! you poor thing, feel better! hmm can't wait to hear more about this 'james'!! xxx

  11. I love chocolate too! The best medicine haha
    I'm sure you're feeling much better by now.


  12. Oh nooo...wait food poisoning? The sydney hilton is pretty rad, except that french fries cost $10, just like a small bottle of mount franklin water.

    Hope you're all better soon. My recommendation : a chocolate horn from bread top. Chocolate to the max!



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